Sri Sankata Devi Sahasranama Stotram – Mahakala Samhita

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Sri Sankata Devi Sahasranama Stotram Mahakala Samhita

The following is a very rare Sahasranamam (1008 names) of Sri Sankata Devi (a form of
Devi often referred to as the Goddess of Remedies) said to be from Sri Mahakala Samhita
and 4th Kalpa Patala. Although there is only one temple in Varanasi for Sri Sankta Devi built
in 18th century, this Sahasranama may not be referring to that temple.

In the elaborate Phalashruti at the end, it is given that the following benefits accrue to
those who recite this Sahasranama with devotion:

Instant relief from all diseases including leprosy, difficulties and crises.

Chanting 3 times a day bestows the benefit of bathing in all holy waters. Chanting
this for 21 days inside a temple, followed by havan for 1/10th of the count with
redcolored materials and followed by feast to Brahmins for 1/10th of the count
will get all benefits such as performing Ashwamedha Yaga, progeny, wealth, relief
from difficulties, etc.

Chanting this daily for 21 times will bestow victory over enemies. Chanting this
daily for 4 months will bestow wealth, progeny and spouse. Chanting this for 5
months will nullify all planetary afflictions.

One who chants this 32 times along with havan and Bali (offering) gets fulfilled of
all rightful desires.

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